The bØZO Amateur Radio Fraternity

The bØZO Amateur Radio Fraternity was founded on April 27th 1982. Currently we have over 1000 members world-wide! The BØZO Amateur Radio Fraternity does not act like a regular amateur radio club or organization it is a fraternity, another words it is mainly just a fun organization, a purely social club. BØZO members are not expected to do anything but have fun with amateur radio plain and simple. We have one informal meeting a year at Dayton Hamvention.

More Details

  • Meet the Bozo's



    Some REAL b0ZO's! KN9P (left) and W9OP (right)

    Dayton 2008

    W9OP 2008

    LA6OP and W9OP

    W9TA and W4OWY

    K4ZLE and N4PN


    Where are the BoZo'S

    Spaghetti Warehouse

    Spaghetti Warehouse


    W3UR and W4OWY

    K9KEG and WA9GON

    K9WI and KB9AIT

    Dayton 2006

    Little York Pizza

    Little York Pizza

    Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH


    Red Cross ECOM



    Past Daytons

    On To Dayton

    Earning money for Dayton

    After a hard day at Dayton


    B0ZO Bar

    Getting Blessed

    The President!  N6IDD


    B0ZO DXpeditions


    DXpedition to Corn Island December 1992


    DXpedition to St. Paul Island June 1994


    Bozo's Picnic
    Florida September 2009


    Bozo's at
    National County Hunters Convention 2009


    Bozo's at
    National County Hunters Convention 2011


    Bozo's at
    MI mini 2014


    WH6DWF and Rocky


    Bozo's at Orlando Ham-cation


    Bozo's radio install

    Our Mascot