The bØZO Amateur Radio Fraternity

The bØZO Amateur Radio Fraternity was founded on April 27th 1982. Currently we have over 1000 members world-wide! The BØZO Amateur Radio Fraternity does not act like a regular amateur radio club or organization it is a fraternity, another words it is mainly just a fun organization, a purely social club. BØZO members are not expected to do anything but have fun with amateur radio plain and simple. We have one informal meeting a year at Dayton Hamvention.

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    With bØZO membership there are no benefits actual or implied other then the pure enjoyment of the amateur radio hobby. This is a completely volunteer organization with no dues, income or assets. Once you get your membership number your more then welcome to print off your membership certificate at your own expense. There are no Club discounts from either the sign man or cafe press for products there offering.

    This is just meant for fun and seeing how many bozo's you can get on the air.

    Join the BoZos contact W9OP

    or email:w9op/at/
    with "BOZO Website New Member" in subject line